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About us

ACT Tuition provides one-to-one online and in-home sessions, together with online small group sessions to concentrate on learning a syllabus, focus on any misunderstandings or questions a pupil has and moreover, grow more confident. Students will gain confidence, enjoy the subject more and be motivated to develop personal discipline to become life-long learners. ACT Tuition Courses are ideal if you wish to make significant progress in a very short time, or if you wish to focus on a specific area of skills or topic.

ACT Tuition offers classes, both in home and online, in most subjects and all levels, through winter and summer. We can help you obtain the best possible results through our guidance and help in revising the topics, working through past papers and learning how to study the key topics of the subject.

Courses for Adults

It's never too late to learn something new! If you want to find a way into higher education, boost your career, or just learn a new hobby for fun, Activate Learning has got you covered. We offer a wide range of opportunities for all learners, whatever your age or personal circumstances:

-> Maybe you’re a parent who wants to get back into learning after having children;
-> Perhaps you‘re already in a career and need to boost your CV with professional qualifications;
-> Maybe you didn’t get the right grades first time around and want a fresh start;
-> Or you just want to have fun, learning a new skill.

We understand that you’re probably busy, with lots of commitments. That’s why we offer a range of flexible courses to fit around your lifestyle – whether it’s to get ahead, or just for fun. 

Foreigners visiting Malta

Malta is one of the sunniest nations in the world, and benefits from over 300 days of sunshine a year. Partner this with the fact that you can explore all of the three islands of malta due to their size, and you have a perfect environment for a wonderful higher education experience. A member of the European Union since 2004, the country enjoys close ties with other European countries.

There are both public and private institutions in Malta, some offer traditional courses, and others are specialist and offer courses such as tourism. Some of the most prestigious universities are the University of Malta, Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST). The university system is similar to that of other European countries, as is the academic year.

We run courses in teaching you Maltese, as a foreign language or enhancing your child's academic path, whilst you are away on holidays.

Path To My Project

We understand that a number of students might only need the help from an external tutor for their project. This could be a final year project, a university thesis or else the MATSEC or IGCSE exam.

We tailor to all those needs.

Contact us now to see how we can help you!


SPSS: Introduction

This course is aimed at students and professionals who want to use SPSS to complement or enhance their statistical analyses, but who do not have the time to study the associated techniques from scratch. The course is intended for beginner SPSS users.

The main aim is to teach participants basic statistics, and how SPSS can help in analysing data efficiently. Course participants will learn how to input data into SPSS, how to create variables, and how to get simple statistics such as mean and variance.

The only essential prerequisite is familiarity with MS Windows and the basic concepts of MS Excel. 

Offered on a rolling-demand basis.

SPSS: Intermediate

This course is aimed at students and professionals who already have a background of statistics and the use of SPSS as a statistical tool. The main aim is to teach participants more advanced statistics analyses, and how SPSS can help in analysing data efficiently. Course participants will learn how to perform simple and advanced tests on data using SPSS.

The only essential prerequisite is knowledge of the material covered in the "SPSS: Introduction".

Offered on a rolling-demand basis.

SPSS: One-to-one basis

We run a number of courses and sessions on a one-to-one basis with students depending on their needs for their assignments or thesis.

Contact us to discuss further.

Help for University Students

All our tutors hold a 2:1 degree in the subject they tutor and many of them have postgraduate and doctorate degrees. These are the tutors who will work with university students to help them with specific modules or to guide them in the preparation of a paper or dissertation.

These tuition sessions may be face-to-face in the traditional manner, but increasingly students find the Live Online service a time effective and practical alternative to receiving tuition.

Homework Help

ACT Tuition is offering a unique, comprehensive, after-school program to help students with their homework, tests, comprehension, organizational skills, and study habits. Using THEIR assignments, textbooks, worksheets, etc., we help students develop new strategies for learning and coping with all that is expected of them -- while also helping them to become more responsible and engaged with the process.

Primary School Revision Classes

Classes involve a weekly 30 minute lesson via your interactive whiteboard; we provide worksheets for the student and flashcards to revise. Our program takes students from Prep to Year 6 and aligns with the Curriculum the student is following.

Specialised Courses

We run revision classes in SPSS, business, ECDL and innovative technologies.

Contact us now to book your specialised course. Let us know what your needs are and we will work towards your goals!

One-to-One Courses

Learning on a one-to-one basis with your personal teacher can be individually tailored to your wishes. Plan your own individual lessons together with your private teacher! Set your own pace to learn according to your own strengths and personal goals. You can make great progress in a short time.

You want the undivided attention of your tutor to maximise on the limited time you have at your disposal.

On Demand Courses

On Demand MATSEC Level video courses led by fully qualified and professional tutors. 

Brush up, catch up and excel from the comfort of your own home. Empower your knowledge. 

Our classes run on a private YouTube Channel, updated weekly. You will purchase access for the channel to 12 months.

Our Process

Since our inception, our process has consistently delivered remarkable results.

Explore the ACT Tuition Process:

Assess: We commence with a free consultation, typically a live video call, during which we engage in insightful discussions with you and your student to comprehend your objectives. This consultation helps us evaluate your child's unique needs and enables us to recommend a tailored tuition program that aligns with their academic aspirations.

Match: Drawing from the knowledge gathered during the free consultation, we meticulously match your child with a tutor. This matching process takes into consideration various factors, ensuring the ideal tutor-student pairing. Once we match you, you will meet the tutor, either in person or via a live video call. If that is not possible  for you, we will schedule a phone call and you can let us know if you would like a change at any moment of the process.

Tutor: We bridge any knowledge gaps in your student's learning journey. Our tutors provide support with homework and design a curriculum that caters to your child's specific needs, boosting their classroom confidence and helping them attain their academic goals.

Support: We stand by your side throughout the entire educational journey. Regular session reports and constant communication keep your family informed about your child's progress, making sure you are part of the process every step of the way.

Thanks to our meticulous process and educational approach, we have consistently achieved a remarkable satisfaction rates among our clients.

Contact us on [email protected] to schedule your Free Consultation.

Our approach is rooted in a thorough assessment of your child's needs, strengths, learning style, and personality. We gather this invaluable information through free home consultations offered to every prospective client. At no cost to you, we determine the best-suited tuition options for your child and pair them with a tutor who matches their personality and learning style perfectly.


Tutor is very supportive and understanding. She excellent in teaching and knows her job. Tutor is the best and we are so happy that she teaches Luana. Thank you so much for your team efficiency and help. So proud of you. Keep up the good work.

Ava has really appreciated her nice, friendly and very skilled tutor. She saw also her grades rise and her confidence gain more momentum.

Great service! Great tutor!

Aaron is very comfortable with the tutor. She has helped me immensely.

Quality tutoring. Thank you for all of the help!

Diego's marks have improved. Thank you for all of the help!